Long day...

So today Marissa was suppose to take her entrance test for school, and I asked her to make sure and blah blah blah and she said she did buuuuut! She texted me as I was driving to the house and tells me that she had to make an appointment for the test.


Female version of Martin. I swear LOL.

So instead we go to Vaca and get lunch at Olive Garden. For $4. Shhh hehe. Then headed to Borders. None of the bridal magazines were helpful! Went to PetSmart, they didnt have anything I was looking for, for Boq (I decided to name the Robo baby Boq… after the munchkin from Wicked lol!) but we saw some meal worms making their great escape. Pretty gross. Thennn we went to Target and they didnt have my ear plugs.

Went to the mall and they still only had one candle which was the one I was looking at last time we were there, ugh. Oh! I got my See’s Wicked chocolates! Whoooooohoooo!!! YES! Hehe. Went to Party City to look for invites and the guy who worked in invites was new, literally his first day so, no help there… decided to add blue Frooties to the favors. Marissa’s a genius!

Went to Party City closer to home and they have an invite order specialist… wtf? And she wasnt there. They re-did that Party City. It looks so much bigger now! Went to CVS and found my ear plugs, yay! Went to Michaels and got some mesh bags for the favors, silver bows, blue/white/silver ribbon for the bouquet and my snowflakes! Stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond cause it opened! And its huge! And they have makeup and shampoo and stuff, crazy! Got info about the registry and it sounds a lot better than everyone elses. Its good for up to 2 years and if we purchase anything on our registry we get 10% off. Pretty neat. So made an appointment tomorrow at 11AM to go get that done. The invite lady for Party City doesnt get there til 12PM anyway, so gives us enough time. Then got Taco Bell for dinner and headed to Wal Mart cause Marissa had to look at jackets. Found better bubble blowers there, so gonna get those and return the ones from Michaels.

So tomorrow I have to order invites and custom ribbon, set up Bed Bath and Beyond registry, return bubbles, go to the bank, pay bills, stop by Joann’s, stop by Hallmark, Aerie gift, free Godiva, check my comic book (that was suppose to be out today but I didnt get a call) and stop by the post office. Oh and check out wedding bands.


I love how Wicked always manages to calm me. I was watching behind the scenes for the Sydney production and I got excited to see the show again. I seriously dont think I’ll ever get tired of the show!

I hope everything works out…


KTMB & BUB November 5, 2009 at 12:30 AM  

busy girl!!! i can't WAIT to start this! hopefully not in as little time as you had! i commend you!! hehe! have you thought about making your invites?


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