Why yes, someday I WILL get a dSLR.

A common argument me and Martin have had for about a year or so is when I'll get a dSLR. I was able to get a Canon PowerShot SX10IS when it was first released (a year or two ago? I dont remember) and according to him, the sooner I learn how to use it, the faster I'll get a dSLR.

My husband is the type that for one, takes forever to make a simple decision when it comes to a huge purchase. Which I suppose at times is good, but when I say forever I mean he'll literally take months to come to a decision. So of course he's going to tell me to learn how to use my new camera before deciding if I get to get a dSLR.

Okay, I agree, buying a dSLR isnt like buying another point and shoot. It's a pretty huge step, not only is the camera expensive but the lenses cost either as much as or double the price of the camera itself. This fact does not work in my favor as far as my itch to buy one!

I admit, I havent been playing with my camera as much as I should. I still dont know how to change the shutter speed to what I want it to be. And I admit, the SX10IS itself seems pretty huge for me so how much more if I have a dSLR? I already dont like carrying around a simple SX, and I really think I'll carry around a dSLR? Probably not, at least, not right now. I like how simple and sleek my Canon PowerShot SD780IS is and how I can easily fit it in my pocket and carry it around with me like its a cell phone. Hmph. Is it bad that I hope they come out with a dSLR that's just as small and sleek? I know, that's unrealistic.

But I do hope to get my hands on one soon. I've been taking photography more and more seriously as the years pass. I love taking pictures. I love catching the simple things in life that make it worthwhile. I love catching what today was all about in just one picture. I love the art behind it. And my dear husband does realize how I feel about photography but he doesnt think I'm ready, *sigh*. I suppose I agree with that.

I just hate having this same argument with him all the time. One day I will be ready. And one day I will come home with a dSLR and he's just gonna have to deal with it! Haha.


izumi January 11, 2010 at 1:42 PM  

you don't need a DSLR to take good pictures! and even though i have a DSLR and i go to friggin' school to get a degree in photography, when i go on vaca sometimes i just want to take my point and shoot precisely for the reason that i don't need my DSLR there, plus a point and shoot is soooo much more compact and just.. sleek. point and shoot capability is actually QUITE good, i took my first years of pictures on one, and the quality just keeps getting better.

a lot of people don't feel "serious" about photography when they're using whatever camera they have, and feel much better with a DSLR even if it's just a canon rebel (not that it's a bad camera, but it's on a consumer level). but, that's just a mental state. you don't NEED a DSLR to take high quality pictures. and especially if you aren't really into using manual mode or being able to fully control every option and function of your camera, a point and shoot is way more than enough.

and especially for the price, like you said, the cameras run expensive, and FAST. there are good lenses out there but they cost a LOT of money. of course you don't have to get the canon or nikon brand but they are of course top of the line. if you DO happen to get a DSLR, i would suggest using sigma over tamron, though tamron lenses are cheaper.. but if you're going to invest in a DSLR, why not get the full capabilities that you can? the best picture quality that you can get? why get a great camera then not so great lenses? it doesn't make sense.

lots of people buy one just to have one.. they don't NEED it.. and they just have the extra money for it. in fact, some of the bloggers and LOTS of the photographs i see on the internet taken with DSLR's could have been taken with a point and shoot.. and probably been better. there is absolutely no point in getting a DSLR and putting it on automatic mode, at least in my mind. you could totally save money by getting a better point and shoot, then saving the extra bucks for bills or whatever else you need or want.

BUT, all that being said.. you can't help what you want. so good luck on your DSLR lemming :P


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