Happily groggy.

I'm groggy. Someone woke me up this morning... MY BOO LOVES!!! :D

He called cause I was taking too long to mail out the graduation paper. He sounded a little bit mad at me, but I didnt snap back at him cause its really not that important and I was too happy he was on the phone (see, sometimes distance can be a good thing. Had he had been home, he woulda got the yelling of a lifetime). Once that was out of the way, we got to talk for a bit. Told him all my Wicked news, that mom bought me a hamster and I named him Boq and he laughed :D he liked the name hehe. Told him I havent been shopping cause I've been wanting to watch Wicked and he softened up. He told me about his shin and how he got physical therapy and they have a test tomorrow but he's excused to have his shin heal up, but at 7 weeks they have a test that determines everything so hopefully he's healed up by then. He's been drinking milk and stuff. He went to a Christian church today instead of the Wicca (Wicca is kinda solo mission thing like he mentioned in his last letter). He got this dog tags :D

What else... there's just so much to say and everything is a blur when you dont know what kind of time limit you're on. I told him everything for the wedding is ordered and I'm waiting for it to ship, asked about if I should do the booking for flight and hotel now or wait, told him about the money... he said he had to pay for clothes and stuff. He told me not to stress, reminded him its me hes talking to lol. Told him I'm trying to get his sponsorship for Thanksgiving.

His school is going to be in Florida and its going to be longer than we thought it would be with his previous job. So that sucks, I cant fly out to Florida all the time... if Texas is a 5hr flight... how long is Florida?! My ears will be really messed up by the time I get there! I've been avoiding NY for the same reason! But he's saying since we're going to be married by then he's going to try to get me to move out there, I kinda dont want to. Especially if its going to be out of our pocket. I dont really know how school works, I hear a lot of mixed things. I know if they have to be there for six months and over then you're able to move out there and they'll cover it, but I think less than six months is all out of pocket. Plus I'm not ready to move away from my family yet :(

I think that was it? He was really emotional :( my poor baby. Reminded him that I believe in him, I wouldnt had let him join the military if I didnt think he could make it. Told him to be good and take care and that he'll be fine. We'll see him in a few weeks. I told him to pass so we can get married and he did his baby "yes" and I know exactly what face he made. He kept saying I love you so much and it was getting harder and harder not to break. Dammit boo loves, can we keep things happy over the phone! It was nice to talk to him again after not talking for almost 2 weeks (2 weeks tomorrow).

He'll be fine. Just a few more weeks left... and it will all be over. And he'll get to come home and we'll get to get married and everything will be fine. Just a few more weeks love. That's all. I believe in you.


Stefanie November 8, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

My guess is that it's a 7 hour flight or so, but I'm sure you will have a layover somewhere, so it will seem longer.

Stefanie November 8, 2009 at 4:10 PM  

And, yes, if you are married, the military will pay to move you there since he will be there for 6 months or more...


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