The night I came home from my CAT scan, Martin asked my mom for permission to marry me before he went home and I was standing in the hallway so I couldnt really hear what they were saying, but she sounded happy. He walked out smiling saying she almost made him tear. I heard her say "thank you for loving Hazel" but he told me after she said that she also said "really, it makes me happy that you love her so much" which is what almost got him to tear. He also asked my dad on his way home, but I wasnt there so I didnt hear that conversation. He said that my dad looked happy and he was saying that he's happy for us and whatever we decide to do.

I'm happy that my parents like Martin. He's definitely a huge change from my previous boyfriends. And I'm sure my parents see that difference. And how much he helps me all the time. Most of his time is dedicated to helping me. Sometimes I just dont get why he cares so much, but I'm glad he does. I'm sure they've seen how much I've changed since we've been together.

Now all I'm waiting for is for him to propose... I'm a little nervous lol.

I'm also debating if I should have an engagement party and where. I was thinking of having an engagement party/his going away party... but honestly, I dont feel like seeing his friends lol.

He's leaving in less than two weeks, I'm sad that hes going so soon. I swear we still had a month together, and I'm scared I'll end up shutting everyone out for the next six months. I really hope not! I hope I use the time to get things going. We'll see *sigh*.



foolishxlady A blog about my experience as a military girlfriend. My boyfriend of 5 1/2 years recently decided to join the United States Air Force. I have a more private journal about this (since I dont want to violate OPSEC) here.

This was originally suppose to be a blog about my experience as a military girlfriend & fiancée. But two weeks before my finance's BMT graduation, he was discharged for medical reasons. So, yeah, that sucks! But he still has the option to re-enlist after two years. They want to make sure he's fully recovered before coming back.

This blog, however will still be where I write about being a newlywed. We got married on December 28th, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV!

With that said, we're not married and since the military thing didnt work out, we're still on a struggle as to what we're going to do from here on out. So if you're interested in hearing about peoples struggles, you've came to the right place!