OMG. It's officially less than a week away from my wedding. Meaning TODAY NEXT WEEK I'll be MARRIED. Is it just me or is that CRAZY to think about? I'm seriously freaking out, LESS THAN A WEEK. Not a month, not a year, A WEEK. OMG OMG OMG! Okay, okay, I need to breathe.

I hope things run smoothly, I hope I didnt forget any last minute details or anything. I hope... omgosh I dont even know anymore! This is INSANE. OHMYGOSH.


Whew. Okay. Okay. So yesterday I went to Kay to ask if my wedding band was coming in soon... and oh lookie, it was already there. But I didnt get a call! Good thing I went there to ask, goodness. Why didnt anyone call?! Ugh. At least I got it now and it's beautiful. And it fits perfect! Thank goodness! I am IN LOVE with it, I want it more than my engagement ring lol! My engagement ring annoys me a bit, its heavier so its looser on my finger and the prongs from the diamond poke me! Ugh, I dont see how anyone could wear something more than 1 karat. Painful!

I FINALLY got my Christmas shopping done. I'm missing one gift, and as much as I dont want to pass it, I just might have to. Ughhh. I think I'll get it after Christmas and save it for her next birthday or something. It was such a good idea! I really wanted DJ Hero for Christmas, but Martin's telling me to wait and that I dont need it right now and blah blah blah lol! Hmph. Yes I know I'm being a brat, but I think I deserve it! So there! Haha. I honestly cant wait to see what he got me for Christmas. I hope he likes his gift as well!



foolishxlady A blog about my experience as a military girlfriend. My boyfriend of 5 1/2 years recently decided to join the United States Air Force. I have a more private journal about this (since I dont want to violate OPSEC) here.

This was originally suppose to be a blog about my experience as a military girlfriend & fiancée. But two weeks before my finance's BMT graduation, he was discharged for medical reasons. So, yeah, that sucks! But he still has the option to re-enlist after two years. They want to make sure he's fully recovered before coming back.

This blog, however will still be where I write about being a newlywed. We got married on December 28th, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV!

With that said, we're not married and since the military thing didnt work out, we're still on a struggle as to what we're going to do from here on out. So if you're interested in hearing about peoples struggles, you've came to the right place!