He's home! He's home!

Martin came home last week! I know, I've been super MIA since he's been home!

He's been falling asleep a lot lately lol. He's suppose to graduate in 3 days, I'm suppose to be flying out in 2 days. It sucks how close he was to finishing Basic Training. But I am extremely happy he's home!

He had to return all his uniforms, boo! I'll never get to see him in his ABU's or his Blues :( but he got to bring back his ABU hat's so he gave me one. I'm a sucker for ABU's, especially their hats! So imagine how excited I was lol.

Our wedding coordinator emailed me the other day and called me yesterday morning. Martin and I went through the last bits of the ceremony details that she sent us. So I'm gonna have to call her today with what we decided on. The hard part is dealing with the plane tickets. Since its close to our leave date the prices went up (from $98 to $124, wtf!) and adding an extra $160-something for an extra night at the hotel. We obviously cant participate in any promo's any one offers cause the majority of our nights staying at the hotel is covered by the wedding package. Boo.

Oh and Martin said he wont walk down the isle and that I have to :(

Less than 23 days left. I'm getting extremely nervous. Like you wouldnt believe, nervous!

My dress is suppose to be coming in this week, and the wedding bands are coming in within the next week and a half. I have to set things up for the reception and figure out what I'm going to do with my hair.


Katie and Wayne December 8, 2009 at 5:39 PM  

yaaay!!! i'm so happy for you girl!! i bet you're ecstatic!! mine comes home in 10 days and i'm freakin out!! :D


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