Stop Overs.

I dont have a fear of planes or anything and taking off is my favorite part... but, I do have a huge problem with landing.

For as long as I can remember, landing has always been painful for me. I've been avoiding going to the Philippines for years due to this problem, the last time I went (because you transfer planes in Manila. Meaning I had to land twice) I seriously felt like my head was going to explode, it wasnt fun. I've tried to avoid plane flights that are more than an hour and a half because then I'd be tempted to sleep and sleeping can cause more discomfort. I usually force myself to stay awake and I constantly swallow, and when I say constant, I literally mean constant.

So imagine my reaction to find that to get to Martin's graduation location would be a 3 hour flight. I was planning on taking Virgin Airlines (everyone's raving about them lately) because of all the things they offer (like watching tv, IMing people on the plane with you, etc) I figure that could occupy me for 3 hours but they dont offer flights to my destination. Great. Not only that but, I found out just today that the flights will take longer than 3 hours. The shortest I've found was 4 1/2 and there's a required stop over with every flight I've found.

*insert extreme freak out here*

I've even called the airlines and they said the shortest stop over they have is a little over one minute and you're not to leave the plane (I guess its more of a drop off type thing) but that's not the problem. The problem is that I'll be landing twice in one day. My ears ache just thinking about it. What. Am. I. Going. To. Do!

My mom provided me with ear plugs when I went to Las Vegas and they helped a lot. But if you put them in the wrong way, then of course they wont work as well. But the problem is... how do you know its in right? Sure you can feel it, but you cant feel it if its slightly off. Which can cause problems. I came across this, Clear Ears but I dont think I've seen these in stores before (honestly I never really looked). But I'm interested in trying them, too bad I cant do like... a small test run. But I hope, hope, hope these work. Another thing I found (thank the God's for Google) was nasal spray, certain medicine like Paracetamol.

Someone one on one of the sites I found mentioned that it could be nasal related. It was worded differently that was much more understandable but the words arent coming to me right now. Either way, I saw it and remembered that when I was younger I shoved a peanut up my nose (my mom's an RN and as a child I was a picky eater and she use to tell me if I didnt eat she'd feed me through my nose, she failed to mention it required a tube. So being curious, I tried to feed myself through my nose. I know, smart move right?) and I remember having to go to the hospital to have it taken out since I shoved it in too far. I remember getting X-Rays for it and seeing the damaged tissue. My parents took me in for my snoring problem and that's how I ended up with nose X-Rays. I believe I was suppose to have surgery to fix the tissue but I never ended up getting it (surgery to 5 year old is not something you should mention) besides they said I might grow out of it... or something. I dont know this was 20 years ago the appointment gets hazy lol.

But! I'm curious to know, if that's the cause of my painful plane landings. I'm just afraid if it is, what are the steps to correct it. Of course, either way I'm going to have to suck this up and make it to Martin's graduation no matter how painful it may be. Since he's in the military I dont have much of a choice but to get use to flying more often. Which is not what I'm looking forward to (why could he join a branch that's more on the ground?!) but I will definitely look for those ear plugs, research that medicine, call the hospital, flush my ears and everything else before getting on the plane. I just really really hope its a going to be a smooth flight (and by that I mean no intense amount of pain).

Martin knows how I get during landings and I'm sure he's just as worried about me as I'm worried myself and I'm sure once he sees me the first thing he'll do is kiss my ears in case they still hurt.

It's the little things he does that make me miss him so much...



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