And more dresses...

After browsing I found a few more dresses I was interested in. Problem is, they carry it in a store with bad reviews. At least, the store close to me. Good news is, two cities farther is a bridal store that carries the same dresses... with good reviews (yay) so my plan is to try on the dresses at the closer shop and order from the farther. I know, arent I smart? I'm sure my dress size is a 1 but I'm going to double check anyway and see how some of these look on me. I'm on the search for a dress with sleeves, which is pretty hard to find. I hate that I'm super skinny, I feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless dresses. I would post pictures but there's just wayyy too many of them, so once I narrow it down... I'll be sure to post those pictures!

Got a few more things to work on as far as the wedding goes... and by "a few" I really mean "a lot". So, yeah. Yipee? I'm super thankful my cousin Janice is offering to help, thank goodness! I'm so lost when it comes to this stuff!

I found a great hotel to stay at for his graduation. Yay! I'm excited. I was scared I wouldnt find one! I'm picky when it comes to hotel's.

I'm thinking of making him a graduation gift, but I dont know what to do! I thought of baking him cookies. I already called the airlines and they said as long as its a solid food I'm able to bring it on the plane (how to package them so they dont break is another story). I'm thinking of bringing him 5-10 mini Beef Jerky packs that he likes with me (I'm sure after Basic he'd want them) and I dont know what else! I was thinkin a Build-A-Bear but that might be too girly. I was gonna make him a Goomba (from Mario) charm but that might be too ambitious lol. I dont know though, I just might! I know that'll probably make him more happy than anything. Even if it is just a tiny charm. I was gonna buy him a DSi, but I wanted to wait on that for Christmas. I think I wanna make him something for his graduation cause he always prefers when I make something rather than just buy him something. So yeah, maybe I'll do that.

Still no word from him yet. I already sent out 3 letters (working on my 4th one). No call, no letter, nothin. I know the first 3 weeks are the hardest and you cant really contact people, but man this just... sucks! I swear if I dont get something, anything by early next week I'm gonna scream! I know if he had the choice to call me, he would. So, yeah. I'm just being a baby. I just miss him that's all *sigh*.


izumi October 22, 2009 at 9:20 PM  

so much planning!!

Hazel October 22, 2009 at 10:15 PM  

I know =(. I have a huge feeling I'll be forgetting something on my wedding day!


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