Wedding dress shopping!

Man, I'm too tired to blog. Like warm-fuzzy-tired. I just wanna cuddle under my fleece blanket right now... mMm.

Had lunch with my Auntie Heidi and Uncle Ray, mom, dad and Carlo cause they're leaving tomorrow.

Then went to get Marissa and headed out to go pay Martin's freakin school late fee. And his Kay bill. Thank goodness people know us around here, makes it easier when I'm trying to pay a bill or something. No questioning who I am or anything. I'm honestly gonna miss it! Got my free gift from Aerie, Marissa signed up for it too and she stopped me from buying this super cute hat. Grrr. Reserved the new Oz comic book, I know its early but who knows! Had lunch and brought my gyoza's home this time, whoo!! Delivered packages to the post office, whew.

So today I went wedding dress shopping. I decided to just stop by the place with the bad reviews and it wasnt so bad. The girl who helped me was really sweet and nice. Out of all the dresses I was interested in looking at, they only had one. So I went to browse around and find a few more dresses. I found a few too many.

Thank goodness Marissa was there to help me find my shoes! Those dresses were so big they swallowed me! I fell in LOVE with this ruffled one, but it was offered in navy blue so I decided on another one that was really pretty, but it just... didnt scream out to me. So I dont know, I think I'll look around some more.

But man, by the third dress, I was like "I'm getting tireeeedddd!" it was really tiring!

We also went to Michael's, I was hoping to get some idea's for favors and to get some take out boxes to pack Martin's cookies in for his graduation. Marissa found some skull ones that were on sale cause of Halloween. So score!

And we also went to Kohls and I got a cute winter coat I'm gonna wear to his grad. Paired with leggings and boots =). Marissa tried on these boots I wanted and they were niiice! Damn them for costing $40. I'll be on the look out for them to go on sale!

Oh I got my pearls!! They're all freakin... smaller than I assumed they'd be and I got my earrings from Lisa. I *heart* her! She's so sweet!


American Mum October 23, 2009 at 4:47 AM  

Congrats on getting married! Let me know if you need a photographer. ;)


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